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Guest Post: Home Organization – Simple and Stylish Solutions

Today we have a guest post from Steven Athea, the co-founder of Modani. Just in time for spring cleaning! Enjoy:

The clock is ticking as you frantically search to find your everyday items – pile after pile of clutter and disorder distracts you from recalling where you last saw it. With long days and busy schedules, finding ways to save time and stay organized is crucial, not just for efficiency, but for your happiness and sanity as well.

Now, you may be thinking, “Who has time to clear all the clutter? It’s a never-ending chore!” Don’t worry; there are simple pieces that can effortlessly provide structure in any space. These solutions will have you sighing in relief as your stress levels dissipate.

entryway organization

One leading cause of chaos is not having a place to put your things when you first walk in the door. Accessories and keys end up scattered around the house. Eventually, you inevitably find yourself running late and searching far and wide for your shoes, umbrella, and the bills you needed to mail yesterday. Keep your everyday items accessible by placing a storage bench, dresser, or cubbies near the entryway of your home. Don’t forget hooks to hang jackets and scarves and your favorite accent, like a photo or figurine, to highlight your own personal style!

What happened to the counter space? There are papers piling up, leaving no room to actually use it. Eliminate your anxiety by bringing in baskets to categorize items. There are many options, from hot pink fabric bins to wicker baskets, which can match any décor. Use them in the kitchen to separate snacks, organize towels and toiletries in the bathroom, or try them in your kids’ room to store toys and school supplies. Place them on shelves above a workspace or in closets and cabinets to stay organized. Remember, sorting and storing items is the key to an organized home.

DIY closet organization

There’s an opportunity behind every door – especially when it comes to home organization. Create additional storage space with over-the-door shelving. Store arts and crafts, magazines, and shoes or hang scarves, jewelry, and jackets – the possibilities are endless. This is not only a great way to create additional storage in your closet, but also to keep your kitchen and bathroom organized. Try placing smaller racks inside cabinet doors for spices or cleaning supplies.

storage ottoman

Photo via Coveted Home.

Ottomans are a simple and stylish organization solution. They can open up to keep your items out of sight and out of mind, all while creating a place to put up your feet. Place one in the living room to store your kids’ toys and game controllers, or in the bedroom for extra blankets and pillows. This chic accent can bring a burst of color or pattern into any space, or you can have it simply blend in with the furniture. They also provide extra seating space and are easy to move — perfect for the busy household!

DIY bookcase

Photo via Crafty Nest.

Looking for an alternative to the traditional bookcase? Arrange wine crates to create an eccentric storage space. This charming display unit is perfect for stashing smaller items, like books, photos, and accessories. This can also serve as a nightstand or side table in any room’s corner. With a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, mix and match to your preference. You can also customize them with a little paint and patterned contact paper. Be sure to reinforce your new unit for sturdiness and safety.

cooking utensil organization

Cooking can be a stressful endeavor, especially if you are busy maneuvering around disorder. We need somewhere to store our favorite gadgets, but we also need the kitchen countertops to actually cook! Clear some cabinet space. Use a hanging pot rack to put your favorite cooking tools above and on display. What to do with those pesky lids? Install towel rods to the inside of cabinets to keep these frenzy-causing necessities under control.

Just by keeping everything in its right place, you’ll take a step toward making your life a little more manageable! Save yourself time searching and stressing by incorporating these simple pieces into your home. Keep in mind that creating function in your home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. There are many simple solutions that will make your interior shine!

Steven Athea is the co-founder of Modani, a contemporary furniture store with locations across the U.S. Steven has a degree in Design and Architecture from The Architecture School of Antibes in France.

*Photos purchased from Shutter Stock unless otherwise noted.



Spring (and Easter) DIY Projects

Spring is here! The cold New Jersey weather has finally transitioned into warm, sunny days. It’s time to brighten up your home. With Easter fast approaching, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite DIY projects for the holiday and the season in general:


DIY Easter decorations

Photo via Så Vitt Jag Vet.

Revamp wine bottles for a mantel or buffet. Check out the DIY project at Så Vitt Jag Vet.

A new take on the traditional spring wreath. Better Homes and Gardens featured a tutorial for an umbrella bouquet to instantly add color to your door.

Photo via Taste of Home.

Photo via Taste of Home.

Simple bird’s nest centerpieces allow you to dress up your table for Easter or spring. Visit Taste of Home for step-by-step instructions.

Fresh flowers are the epitome of spring. Hello Home Shoppe will show you how to craft your own neon planter boxes.

DIY springtime garland

Photo via Perpetually Chic.

Erin of Rosehip Flora explained on Perpetually Chic how to whip up a whimsical, spring garland using a dried vine and foliage.

Last year we featured a post all about DIY Easter eggs. These vintage decoupaged eggs are among my favorites. Find the project here.

Washi tape crafts

Photo via Elevated Spaces.

There are endless ways to use Washi tape, including these adorable vases.

DIY gift wrap

Photo via Helana and Ali.

A pretty way to customize a gift. The blog Helana and Ali has the details for these nest gift toppers made with yarn.

Do you have any suggestions for spring crafts?

Contact Iris Interiors to update your home for spring!

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Guest Post: Decorating Your Home with Mirrors

Today we have a guest post from Glass and Mirror Pros. Enjoy:

hanging mirrors

Photo via Cote de Texas.

Mirrors look great anywhere but there are specific things you can do to highlight their beauty. If you want to make the most out of your mirrors, you not only have to focus on their physical characteristics but also on placement. If you have a certain ornament or sculpture you would like to use as a distinguished feature in the room, place the mirror in a way that reflects the object. Don’t place mirrors across objects that don’t really enhance the room, like a boring desk.

sunburst mirror living room

Tobi Fairley via Traditional Home.

Or use a mirror as a focal point, making it the main attraction in the room. There’s a wide variety of decorative mirrors that come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Using something out of the ordinary will give your house a one-of-a-kind look. A mirror used as the focal point is referred to as a statement mirror.

mirror arrangement

Photo via House Made Home.

Mirrors can be a lot of fun if you know how to play with them and arrange them in an appealing way. Mirrors don’t necessarily have to be as eccentric as the big sunburst mirror pictured in Tobi Fairley’s design. Simple things can be transformed into masterpieces. When you think of a full-length mirror you might imagine a plain wooden frame and a mirror whose purpose is to allow you to see your entire reflection, rather than one that serves as a decorative piece. However, with all small and simple items, great things can be accomplished. For example, in the photo above the mirrors alone wouldn’t seem like such a big deal. But hung together and in a horizontal position the wall looks taller and more unique.

gallery wall

Photo via Design Rulz.

Finally, you can buy a bunch of cheap mirrors and arrange them for an eclectic gallery wall feel. If you wish, go the extra mile and paint them in a variety of colors.

As you can see, some of these ideas can be relatively inexpensive. An experienced interior designer is an expert in arranging pieces in a way that transforms your home and makes it stand out from the crowd.

About the Author: Glass and Mirror Pros is a company in Orlando with over 30 years of experience. It offers window and door glass repair, replacement, and installation services for shower enclosures, custom mirrors, glass table tops, and more. We are passionate about helping our customers enhance their homes with creative glass and mirror ideas as well as assisting them in case of emergency.



Color Schemes: Black and White

Black and white spaces are timeless and dramatic. The color combination is anything but bland. Whether you opt for all out black and white or throw in pops of color with accessories, the stark contrast has a striking effect. Here are some of my favorite examples of black and white interiors:

black and white kitchen

Photo via Lonny.

White walls and a white marble countertop are paired with black cabinets. The prominently displayed collection of antique French glassware softens the design.

The bathroom is an excellent place to start if black and white seems too severe for larger areas of the home.

black and white striped wallpaper

Photo via House Beautiful.

Bold mix of patterns.

White creates a cohesive look between rooms. A few well placed black accessories add edge to the bright and airy space.

Love this contemporary entryway with custom doors and black and white staircase. The white complements the sunny view of the water.

Another black and white entryway. Gold pairs nicely with the checkerboard floors.

A truly eclectic dining room with a mix of styles. The graphic striped rug is one of many unexpected elements.

The white tub looks fresh and crisp against the black walls.

Get the Look

tulip table

Available via Iris Interiors

black and white graphic rug

Available via Madeline Weinrib.

black louis xv couch

By Munna available via The Longest Stay.

bead chandelier

Available via Iris Interiors.

equestrian wall art

Available via Ballard Designs.

iris interiors shop

Available via Iris Interiors.

black and white throw pillows

Available via Jonathan Adler.

How do you feel about black and white spaces?

Ready to update your home’s color scheme? Contact Iris Interiors today.

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Create the Perfect Mudroom

It’s still snowing in New Jersey and spring showers are soon to follow, which makes it difficult to keep muddy, wet footprints at bay. A well-designed mudroom is my favorite solution. Whether the space is its own separate room or a corner outfitted with storage, a mudroom not only keeps floors clean, it’s also an excellent way to stay organized. Need some inspiration? Look no further:

equestrian mudroom

Photo via HGTV.

An equestrian-inspired mudroom complete with cubbies for each member of the family and drawers to keep clutter out of sight.

A DIY version using crates and hooks. Perfect for a small space.

mudroom dog washing station

Photo by Peter Sellar via Houzz.

A dog washing station to prevent pets from tracking in dirt. Love the subway tile.

This rustic mudroom pulls double duty as a laundry room.

The ventilated closets allow air to circulate, ideal for storing items like rain coats or sports gear.

colorful mudroom

Photo via Houzz.

Add interest to a traditional entryway with bold color.

Choose durable flooring for this high-traffic zone. The pastels give it a whimsical feel.

Keep it simple with a bench to encourage family members to sit down and take off their shoes.

Very family and pet-friendly. The bulletin board and chalkboard ensure nothing is forgotten when running out of the house.

Don’t let any space go to waste. Turn an under stairs storage area into a mudroom with bins, hooks and a bench.

What are your musts for a mudroom?

If you’re in need of a functional, yet fun, space, contact Iris Interiors.

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