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Headboard Alternatives to Make a Dull Bed Divine

Guest room

It’s cold outside making it the perfect time of year to hit the snooze button an extra time (or two) to avoid leaving your warm bed in the mornings. A beautiful bed makes it even more fun!  The above headboard was constructed using reclaimed wood and two sconces from Pottery Barn. For additional inspiration, check out the following post and pictures from Houzz:

Headboard Alternatives to Make a Dull Bed Divine.


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DIY Headboard Makeover for less than $20

A guest room (see before picture below) that we are currently working on is receiving a new headboard.  The old headboard featured nice tufting but was made with a very inexpensive muslin type fabric.  We wanted a higher-end, cleaner and more modern look for the new guest room!

So what did we do?  Follow our step-by-step instructions below:

Guest Room before Makeover

Step 1 – Remove old headboard.

Step 2 – Purchase new fabric.  Actually instead of buying yardage, we found a curtain panel at the Christmas Tree Store for $9.99 in the exact color that we were looking for.  Since it was a thermal lined curtain panel it also had the right “weight” to be used for this upholstery project.

Step 3 – Lay out the fabric (face down), add a thin layer of padding, and place headboard on top, face down as well.

Step 4 – Start stapling!  It’s best to use a helper for this to make sure that the fabric is evenly stretched in order to avoid any wrinkles and to make sure that the direction of the fabric and the headboard are the same.

Step 5 – We decided to add nail heads as well, which we purchased at Lowes.

Step 6 – Make sure the nail heads are evenly spaced and in a perfectly straight line.  Our nail heads are 3/4″ apart.  We measured first and marked each spot with a very fine black sharpie.

And enjoy your new head board!    Want to see the finished bedroom?  We will post pictures of the finished room in a few weeks!

Step 1 – Remove headboard

Step 2 – Purchase fabric

Step 3 – Layer fabric, padding and headboard

Step 4 – Staple away!

Step 5 – Add nailheads if desired

Step 6 – Space evenly,

looking from the side as you work to keep nailheads straight!