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The Cat Killed the Christmas Tree!

Yesterday morning we awoke to a loud crash when our Christmas tree was knocked down and tons of ornaments shattered.  We narrowed it down to two possible culprits (two out of five cats – the dog confirmed she didn’t do it!). After a quick trip to the local drug store we managed to find some very basic replacement ornaments, which will unfortunately have to suffice for this year’s Christmas.

I guess this will be a good reason to come up with a totally new tree design for next year!


The tree is back up.  Interrogation of the suspects to continue…


When is the last time you changed your holiday decor including the color scheme?

Happy Holidays,

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Happy St. Nikolaus Day!

Happy St. Nikolaus Day! According to the German tradition, children (and perhaps some adults) put out their Nikolaus-Stiefel, or Nikolaus boot, last night. Those who were good woke up this morning to a shoe full of treats provided by Nikolaus himself. Hope everyone is continuing to enjoy the holiday season.

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