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The Cat Killed the Christmas Tree!


Yesterday morning we awoke to a loud crash when our Christmas tree was knocked down and tons of ornaments shattered.  We narrowed it down to two possible culprits (two out of five cats – the dog confirmed she didn’t do it!). After a quick trip to the local drug store we managed to find some very basic replacement ornaments, which will unfortunately have to suffice for this year’s Christmas.

I guess this will be a good reason to come up with a totally new tree design for next year!


The tree is back up.  Interrogation of the suspects to continue…


When is the last time you changed your holiday decor including the color scheme?

Happy Holidays,

Iris Interiors


Author: Ella Design Group

Ella Design Group is a boutique interior design firm helping clients express their own unique story, one design at a time.

9 thoughts on “The Cat Killed the Christmas Tree!

  1. It’s hard to be upset with faces like that! Hope you didn’t lose any ornaments that were sentimental to you all… but for a designer to have the opportunity to decorate a new Christmas tree from scratch…. that’s really nice 🙂

  2. Well there are a few I would have rather not lost. But definitely need to look at it as an opportunity now (:

  3. Poor animals, I just can imagine, how scared they were! I hope that the loss was not so big.
    I was not decorating any traditional Christmas tree while living in Lithuania – every year I was styling a brand new trendy centerpiece on the coffee table in my living room. Now we are decorating a tree with children friendly ornaments, that our daughter could do it herself, adding few new decorations every year.

  4. We’ve had a few go down, including one that fell TWICE! There is no sadder sound– whooomp….tinkle, tinkle tinkle. We try to remember to secure ours with fishing line, especially years when the tree is bigger or the trunk isn’t perfectly straight.

  5. Tree is up, but we can’t seem to find time to decorate it!

  6. The kitties are so cute. We celebrate both christmas & Hanukah, I tend to change the decor every other year 🙂

    • That’s awesome that you celebrate both. Also love that you change the decor every other year. It’s one of my favorite parts of the holidays! Next year, barring no more pet interference, I look forward to trying something new.

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