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You can go into a store and buy a sofa. Or window treatments. In a good store, there may even be a “decorating” staff there to help you.

So why do you need a designer?  You need a designer because…

A designer is there to consider the big picture, and help you see it, too. A designer knows what comes first. That a simple, cosmetic change can pick up a whole room – or just as easily put it out of balance. And you don’t want to do that.

 A designer knows what to choose to create the right effect. When the lower cost choice will be just as good. And even more importantly, when it won’t.

A designer can take your ideas and inspiration…and turn them into a reality that is far better than you could have even imagined. Because a designer is able not only to imagine … but envision. She knows how it’s all going to look together, because she can see it. Even when you can’t.

When you hire a designer, you are working with someone whose primary interest is to create an environment that both suits and delights you. A designer is looking for your satisfaction – not her next sale. That makes a big difference in the recommendations you’re likely to get.

A designer is your insurance against shoddy workmanship. Unfortunate choices. Hours wasted looking for things you can’t find; and learning things you didn’t realize you needed to know.

When a designer says… “You should really think about that,” you should listen. Because, when it comes to creating a home you’ll love to live in, a designer knows what’s she’s talking about.

In short, a designer is part artist. Part educator. And part genie. And the reason why you should hire a designer is simple:  because it’s a very good idea.

Iris Houlihan is the owner of Iris Interiors, a boutique interior design firm specializing in residential interior design, custom window treatments, and equestrian inspired design. We help our clients express their own unique story, one design at a time. Iris lives in Central NJ, near Princeton, with her husband, children, and pets. 

Are you downsizing, updating your current home, or just purchased a new home?  Call Iris at 908.265.7688 for a complimentary phone consultation.

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My top 10 pet peeves, tips, and thoughts about being (or hiring) an Interior Designer

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Our value isn’t always recognized. While I love my job and my clients, here are a few of my thoughts, and yes pet peeves, I’ve compiled into a top 10 list:

1)  Yes I do charge for an in-home consultation. Even my appliance repair person will not come to my home for free.

2)  My hair cut appointment and pedicures (at least in the summer) are necessities. A designer handbag or hiring an Interior Designer are luxuries. However no other luxury purchase will make you feel as good! (:

3)  Don’t tell me that your sister-in-law, who is great at decorating, will be approving all of my suggestions to you!

4) If you have a good eye and you are happy with your decorating skills, then go for it!

5) If you want an exceptional design, then call me (or another professional).

6) It makes me happy when you say, “I would have never thought of that!”

7) Interior Design is technical expertise, as well as talent and artistry. Think of it this way: anyone can buy a beautiful accessory or pick paint colors. What you do with it and how you present it is the question!

8) If you want a high-end look, it’s okay to mix in accessories from Home Goods, but for quality reasons custom window treatments will be a must!

9) The $3000 hand-knotted rug is a MUCH better investment than the $500 hand-tufted rug!

10) And lastly, yes I admit sometimes I watch a “stupid” movie or TV show simply because I am fascinated by the architectural setting or decor. (:

Interior Design Humor

Photo via ArtiDSGN