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DIY Functional Art for Teenager

A 16-year-old was in desperate need of storage and organization for her collection of oversized earrings that are so popular right now. Not only are they too big for traditional jewelry boxes, but delicate materials such as feathers mean they are especially fragile.

The solution? An easy craft project to not only store the earrings, but put them on display and ensure they’re accessible.

Here is the breakdown:

1) We started with three inexpensive frames from Ikea (less than $10 per frame) to create a grouping.

2) Next, we purchased some decorative paper and mesh. We chose purple scrapbooking paper, but really any paper will do, including basic white.  The paper and mesh are from Michaels, but a small amount of mesh, like window screen material, from the hardware store would work as well.  Our mesh hailed from the wedding supplies aisle, so it is a little bit more decorative and features some shimmering strands.

3) With all of the materials on hand, the assembly began. We placed the mesh on top of the paper, followed by the mat, and then the picture frame as shown here.

4) The only messy step was the process of gluing the mesh to the back of the mat. We used a combination of tape and craft glue. A hot glue gun probably would have been easier, but it wasn’t available at the moment. I also wondered, but did not try, if the mesh could be sewn to the paper as opposed to being attached to the mat? I will have to try that in the future. Once the glue was dry, the mesh was trimmed and the frame was assembled. The finished product: