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Inspired by Herringbone and Chevron

Herringbone and chevron are two patterns that have resurfaced and taken the world of interiors by storm. Both add depth and interest to a space, whether they are used in flooring, fabrics, wallpaper, or even art. While they look very similar, there is a difference. Herringbone has a break at reversal so that it resembles an interrupted zigzag. The rectangle arrangements are interlaced. Chevron, on the other hand, is a repeated pattern of inverted V shapes that seemingly connect along a straight line. Here’s a visual:

Picture compliments of Apartment Therapy.

Herringbone is often considered classic and chevron is sometimes classified as more modern. Though herringbone floors date back to the 1500s, chevron floors appeared shortly after in the 1600s. The trend has been revived and now the patterns grace all types of products and design. That’s it for the history lesson. Now on to the pictures.

These herringbone floors complement the traditional space and give it depth.

Porcelain tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern look sleek when paired with a rustic bench. The pattern also adds some drama.

Hand painted chevron gives white built-in bookcases personality.

An amazing blue and white chevron floor. It really pops against the white.

A chevron fabric-covered inspiration board is the perfect accent for this eclectic office nook. Here’s a close-up:

via Veranda.

Mary McDonald used hand painted chevron floors to spruce up a formerly boring bathroom and make it current. The gray color of the floors matches a shade of gray in the marble.

Modern kitchen with a breathtaking herringbone backsplash.

via Design Sponge.

DIY project! The owners used tape to create the pattern and then painted.

The herringbone napkins set the stage for a perfect place setting. The gold flatware gives the tailored pattern an elegant look.

A bold chevron rug and orange accents keep the space from feeling too restrained.

I love this unique use of pattern. The metal bed frame features herringbone openwork making it the perfect focal point for the room.

Which space is your favorite? Are you team herringbone or team chevron?



What’s hot, what’s not?

Here are some of my favorite design trends, and yes, some not so favorite ones as well.

So what’s hot?  Still loving “chevron?” It’s been trending for some time and I am sure you have all seen the abundance of chevron pillows and chevron rugs online and in stores. You really can’t go wrong with a chevron pillow or this adorable chevron purse from Etsy. Wouldn’t this be cute paired with a white t-shirt and black capris for the spring? Although I’m not sure it could replace my standard giant bag that fits all of my “stuff.”

Luna Clutch grey chevron and purple

For the home, this slipcovered Ikea chair is one of my favorites (also from Etsy). I can just picture it in a baby’s room for either a boy or a girl!

IKEA Jennylund Custom Slipcover in Yellow Chevron

Warm gray walls would be a great backdrop for the colorful chair. Yes, gray has become the new beige and the “right” gray can certainly make a design statement while still being neutral. One of my favorite grays is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. I’ve used this warm gray in bathrooms and bedrooms. It always looks best when paired with hardwood floors or tile and white trim.

Lastly, wallpaper is one of the hot trends right now. The latest designs are a far cry from the overwhelming florals and primary colored stripes you may remember from your youth. Check out these beautiful wallpapers by and


So, what are my least favorites on the design front?

Excessive matching is not a good look. There is a huge difference between matching and complementing. Complementary pieces or colors coordinate and pull a room together but add interest. No color, no architectural feature, nothing interesting for the eye to see will be bland, while a pattern that spills from the furniture to the walls to the accessories is overwhelming. This room is certainly an extreme, but all the same it is a dizzying example of matching overkill.

Courtesy of Ugly House Photos.

Unless you live in a luxurious castle, swag curtains are a home decor don’t in my chapter. Windows in any regular home will be swallowed up with swag curtains. On that note, I’m not partial to any type of curtains that block too much of the window. Let in some light!

Swag Curtains

Jersey Shore style with loud colors and clashing animal prints is anything but classy. A zebra rug or other animal print accessory is stylish when done tastefully. The same goes for bold colors. But unless you want to be mistaken for a poacher, this style should be avoided.

Some spaces give beige a bad name. A warm beige that pops against a white trim is classic. However, when the walls and trim are painted in the same pale beige color with a flat finish without even a hint of semi-gloss on the trim, it becomes the dreaded builder’s beige. It will make any room sterile and uninviting. The example below, is thankfully a “before” photo.

So there you have it, my design favorites, along with the trends that make me cringe. What are some of the trends you either love or hate?