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Give Your Powder Room Personality


The often overlooked powder room is actually an excellent place to break a few of your design rules. It’s like a bonus space, perfect for making guests feel welcome. People spend a few minutes in the room and there’s no need to consider issues such as a shower or bathtub. Take the opportunity to make a statement, as it’s a room that can stand-alone. Turn your powder room into a place to reflect your boldest decorating whims in a fun, artistic way. When decorating the space consider the following:

Color Scheme:

wallpapered powder room

Designed by Iris Interiors LLC.

Because the powder room is typically a smaller space, many people shy away from dark or bright colors. However, it’s a hidden gem where an aesthetic that may not work in a living room, for example, can come to life. When designing this powder room, the lack of humidity and limited size made wallpaper an affordable and realistic alternative to painting. The bold, damask wallpaper adds an air of luxury.

purple powder room

Photo via Tumblr user: The Bohemian Girl.

Paint a vivid color. The dark purple gives this Moroccan-style powder room a romantic ambiance. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even try your hand at stencils to create an elaborate pattern.

Bring color in through the details, such as a tile backsplash or this incredible ikat glass mosaic.

Toilet, Sink, Fixtures, and Furniture:

pedestal sink

Photo via Decor Pad.

Choose a toilet, sink, fixtures, and hardware that complement your color scheme. For a small powder room, a pedestal sink can save space. Not sure about the lack of storage? Consider adding a fabric skirt to the sink or filling a basket with rolled towels.

elegant white powder room

Designed by Jamie Herzlinger.

Extra room? A vanity provides storage space. Add a piece of furniture for a luxe look.


Antique mirror

Photo via House Beautiful.

Plush hand towels, rugs, and pretty amenities tie a design together. The mirror is also a major focus. Try something ornate, unusual, over-sized, or even a grouping of small mirrors. The mirror above is truly unique, as it is covered in an antique Italian window grill.

You can even surprise guests with a gallery wall showcasing your favorite artwork.


You want to have enough natural and artificial light so that guests can touch up their makeup and do other quick bathroom tasks. Incorporate an unexpected chandelier (photo above), flank a mirror with wall sconces, or hang pendant lights. A dimmer switch will allow you to adjust the brightness to your needs.

What ideas do you have for your powder room?

Author: Ella Design Group

Ella Design Group is a boutique interior design firm helping clients express their own unique story, one design at a time.

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