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Bohemian Color Infusion (on a budget) – From Concept to Reveal


A friend of mine desperately needed help with her nondescript bedroom. With plain-Jane wall color and inherited furnishings, she and her fiance thought their best starting point was finding that perfect comforter. However with different color preferences and the concern of making the wrong choice, the two of them had been virtually paralyzed for two years! Budget was also a great concern, so we definitely had to think “Design on a Dime.”

Before: The nightstand is too low!

Before: The headboard is too low.  The nightstand on the left has already been switched out. The new orange Target comforter can be seen on the bed.

Before: The wall art was left by the previous tenants.

Before: A large TV is dominating the corner; we already removed the top of the vanity stool which needed to be re-upholstered.

The Challenge:

Our first observation was that the headboard was much too low. This was further accentuated by bedside tables that were too small and also too low. A gigantic old TV dominated one corner of the room and the space felt lifeless, bland, and bare, certainly not reflecting the couple’s personalities.

Quick fix:

Before we even left, we were able to switch out the side tables with another pair from the living room. Being a little higher, they worked much better with the bed (and the soon to be raised headboard). As a bonus, the old tables actually looked perfect in the living room. (Note: Since the new nightstands are open, the homeowners asked if they should buy baskets.We instructed “no baskets,” as we had other plans…)

Starting Point:

Both approved of the orange color and geometric pattern, with our assurance that we could definitely make this work. The comforter was ordered and the two year hunt for the perfect bedding had fortunately come to an end.

Room Essentials® Geo Comforter - Orange

Photo via Target.

Orange comforter from Target – At $30 for the King size, a true bargain!

Inspiration Fabric:

To make the whole project fun for Iris Interiors, as well as the homeowners, we agreed that we would not reveal our design concept until the end. The homeowners took on the chore of painting (read more about their painting experience here). So our first trip was to the fabric store, to procure the ideal inspiration fabric. A mistake some homeowners would make when finding something on their own is “matching” the fabric to the orange comforter. Our choice featured no orange, but we liked the deep blue, modern pattern, and accent colors of green, goldish-yellow, and red. We also selected a bright green fabric to complement the variety of hues and some yellow ribbon to give life to the existing bed skirt. With “his” colors taken care of, we ventured to HomeGoods, where we settled on a purple bedspread and purple pillow cases to add a little bit of “her” to the design as well.

Picture via

Color Scheme & Homeowners’ Homework:

Now that we had selected the fabrics, we were able to tell the homeowners to start painting! The color we selected, which both loved, was Valspar’s Organic Garden. In addition to the painting, the couple was instructed to remove the existing curtain hardware and to raise the headboard approximately 8″ by attaching it directly to the wall.

The room has been painted, installation to begin!

In the homeowners’ attic we found this lamp that we were able to revive with some paint and a new shade.

Installation Day:

After a busy day installing the new window treatments, dressing the bed, some last minute sewing to create custom covers for the side tables, etc., we were finally ready for the big reveal!

The Reveal (in the words of the homeowner):

I was ridiculously excited and we gave Iris and Patricia full reign to work their magic. I have to admit that my fiance was worried it would be too “girly.” On the day of the reveal we were kicked out of the room. Since I work from home, I typed away on my laptop in the living room and heard all sorts of activity going on in the direction of the bedroom. However, we weren’t able to see anything. I felt like I was on an HGTV show, where the couple returns to an entirely new space. I obviously knew what the paint color looked like and the comforter, but beyond that we were clueless. We both had a whole range of visions and tried to guess what it would look like.

I knew Iris would do a stellar job, but I was so surprised with the direction she took. It was amazing. I absolutely love the bedroom now and even make the bed every day (well, most days). I couldn’t be happier. I never would have been able to pick eclectic colors and patterns and make them work in the way Iris and Patricia did. Even my fiance was stunned and thrilled with the results. The balance of the greens and blues with the purples and oranges ensured that it was still masculine enough for his taste. It reflects both of us and every time I walk into the room, I smile. It’s my sanctuary now, as opposed to a random, barren room I just sleep in. Oh and we also replaced the horrific air conditioner with a window unit.

It’s a huge difference. What are your thoughts? What route would you have taken to decorate the previously bland space?


Author: Ella Design Group

Ella Design Group is a boutique interior design firm helping clients express their own unique story, one design at a time.

22 thoughts on “Bohemian Color Infusion (on a budget) – From Concept to Reveal

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  2. Love those green walls! Please accept this blog award for your amazing and inspiring blog! Time to repay for the one you gave me!.

  3. That bed is exquisite too!! Beautiful work!

  4. Wow! I think that’s the most fun post I’ve ever read! 🙂 You are amazing! And I can see why the lucky couple is so happy with the results . . . the room looks stunning. Thanks for all the inspiration! 🙂

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  6. Reblogged this on Inspired Design and commented:

    Okay. I don’t think I was supposed to press it. Anyway, as you saw in my Manual Labor post I was in the process of having my bedroom re-done. Here is my new little sanctuary complements of the incredible Iris Interiors. Ahhhh. I’m so happy!

  7. What a great article Iris!!! LOVE the colors!

  8. Fantastic! Now that’s a room that rises up to meet you. Enjoy your new creation, and thanks for sharing!!

  9. Oh, triple OOOOoooo! Love the new life in this room! It made me laugh at first, because we have a similar beginning wall color throughout our house. But the kids’ rooms are much livelier – one daughter has a similar green with peacocks galore & splashes of blues & aquas… Fantastic!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! You should post pictures of your daughter’s room. I love peacocks and all of their colors. You can dress up basic walls. You should frame the photograph of the Wishing Well. It looks amazing.

      • I love the “Wishing Well” photo, too ~ and that was true to color, no effects photoshopped in! 🙂 Our challenge has been to merge the themes of peacocks, cheetah prints and hibiscus… hahaha! It’s very eclectic, but it works for her tween room!

  10. YOU DID A FABULOUS JOB. WOW! We LOVE what you did with all facets of the redo. Standing “O” for you my dear.

  11. Great work and so many unexpected details! Love the colors! (and where is the TV?:))

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