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Just in case you’re one of the few people who hasn’t heard of Pinterest yet, you may want to check out what has sent people into the spiral of Pinterest infatuation. Users typically go through several stages:

  1. Initial curiosity.
  2. A mild case of Pinterest fever.
  3. Full-fledged Pinterest addiction!

So what is the excitement about? Remember in the past when you would stumble upon a great internet tutorial, some amazing photos that inspired a decorating project, or a yummy recipe that you just had to try? You printed out the material or bookmarked the links, and promptly forgot about them. It’s simply too overwhelming to keep track of everything and find it again.

Enter Pinterest. You can categorize all of your different “favorites” and images from Web sites on a variety of different boards. How genius is that? My boards include recipes, places I’d love to visit one day, and of course interior decorating themes organized by decorating style, color schemes, and lifestyles.

As a visual person, how did I manage before Pinterest? Honestly, I don’t even remember …

So how does it work?  It’s an online scrap booking tool that allows you to “pin” online photos to a virtual bulletin board. The really cool part is that it keeps track of the original source of the picture. Thus you can always go back to where you found it, simply by clicking on the photo.

I “pin” to keep track of my interior design “Pinspirations” with boards such as:

Color scheme – Keep track of pictures that include colors you love.

DIY ideas – Pin innovative projects.

Go green – Add pictures of sustainable designs that resonate with you.

Fun items for the home – Include photos of quirky, unique items that you don’t need, but absolutely want.

Baby’s room – Collect ideas to create a beautiful space for your bundle of joy.

As an added bonus, you can even “share” boards. I often encourage my clients to set up boards with their inspirations and favorites to be shared with me, so that I can better understand their style.

Now please note that there have been some concerns in regards to copyright permissions at Pinterest and they have updated their policies recently. So do a little research if you have concerns about this subject.

Leave a comment with your e-mail address if you would like to receive a Pinterest invite from me. In fact, if you have Pinterest fever “repin” this post!

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Have you tried out Pinterest? What are your thoughts? Do you have amazing boards we should follow?


Author: Ella Design Group

Ella Design Group is a boutique interior design firm helping clients express their own unique story, one design at a time.

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