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Home Staging with Fruit or are they Nuts?

On my occasional look-out for good and bad examples of home staging, I came across a Realty in Sweden, that takes home staging to a whole new level!  Fantastik Frank uses a very artistic approach that at times seems to forget that prospective home buyers may actually want to get a preview of the house?

I am wondering how successful they are.  It is certainly entertaining to look through their listings and I guess home staging fees must be minimal…

First up, invasion of the apples??



So if apples are not in season, let’s do oranges?  Instructions for prospective buyers:  “Please wipe your fee and don’t drink the OJ!”






Hansel and Gretel grew up, opened a home staging business and left a trail of plates?

Homeowner packed up all plates?  No problem, let’s use plants:

Got kids?  Don’t feel like defrosting the freezer?  Let’s create a distraction!

Now I am saving the best for last.  Every seller will LOVE this!  No more rushing around in the mornings getting the beds made and the house straightened up.  Let’s just set out some drinks and toss a book on the bed!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did!  Gotta go.  Time to rethink my home staging services…  (:



Not your usual kind of fabric painting!

Previously I talked about the “power of painting” as a simple and inexpensive way to dramatically update any room.  However something that I have not yet tried, but that has intrigued me for a while, is painting upholstery!

Here are 3 different processes tested by fellow bloggers using different methods and products.

In her blogs Painted Upholstery – The Process Revealed (Tutorial) Hyphen Interiors and All in One Spot – Painted Upholstery Hyphen Interiors, Kristy not only describes the process in great detail, but she also compiled a number of examples from her readers with photos and feedback, that surely should give anyone the confidence to try this on their own.  This is her before and after chair.


The second blogger used an upholstery spray paint called  Simply Spray Fabric Paints.  Apparently it can also be used for cars, boats, pillows, carpets.  Pretty much anything.  Check out the before and after photos on this blog:  Upholstery Spray Paint Before and After Photos.  While I love the convenience of spray paint in general, unfortunately there is only a limited number of colors available, so that may not work out for every project.

And lastly there is SoSoft (Painting Upholstered Furniture) which is a paint specifically intended for fabrics.  While the first method described above may leave the fabric a little bit stiff, this product seems to achieve softer results.  Hmmm, with many colors to choose from I might need to try SoSoft first!

So good luck trying it and have fun.  And keep in mind that I would love to see your before and after photos!


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